Our Aim

As an organisation on a whole and as individuals, we value honesty, integrity and a commitment to quality.

SafeTrade is committed to ensuring its members honour their commitments, provide results, and strive for the highest quality; whilst monitoring standards to ensure that these principles are being maintained.

Launched in 2005, SafeTrade is a new, modern organisation, which aims to revolutionise the construction industry by making self-regulation and a resolute commitment to customer satisfaction the industry standard.

Setting and maintaining the benchmark for high standards, SafeTrade aims to assist reputable contractors in growing their business and providing a service that satisfies their customers, whilst working to ensure that members of the public no longer have to pay for the incompetence of rogue tradesmen.

Who We Are?

SafeTrade is about driving up standards and making contractors accountable for the work they undertake.

SafeTrade is about ensuring high standards are maintained.


SafeTrade is about focusing on the interests of the construction industry as a whole and the companies, organisations and individuals that use its services.

SafeTrade is about protecting homeowners….and supporting professional contractors.

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Code of Conduct


SafeTrade. Registered Contractors must agree to adhere to the following code which covers the conduct of themselves, their employees/representatives, and the working relationship that they have with customers during the course of contracts.

All SafeTrade Registered Contractors agree:


  • To at all times conduct their business in an honest and fair manner.
  • To at all times ensure that they have sufficient public liability and employer’s liability insurance cover for the contracts they undertake.
  • To provide a professional, reliable service to clients from the stage of initial quotation through to the completion of the contract.
  • To provide the client with a timely written quotation for the contract, if required.
  • To adhere to all legal and health and safety regulations relevant to the work in hand.
  • To at all times carry out work to the best of their ability and ensure that employees/subcontractors are monitored to ensure that they do likewise.
  • To endeavour to stick to time frames agreed with the customer before commencing work.
  • To inform customers as soon as possible when there are unavoidable problems or delays.
  • To ensure that changes to the work specified or extra costs are confirmed in writing and agreed with the client before such work begins.
  • To supply samples of materials and fittings to the client for prior approval, if required, and always ensure the client is suitably informed and happy to proceed
  • with the materials before work is undertaken.
  • To carry out the work in the manner agreed with the customer, and if required provide updates on the progress of the work.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Membership Criteria

In order to pass the initial stage of application each contractor must be able to demonstrate that they can meet our criteria. In addition to this all of our registered contractors must agree to our monitoring procedures which state that their work can be subject to an independent audit for which they will receive no prior warning.

  • Have a minimum of 12 months trading, or be otherwise able to demonstrate experience enough to warrant membership
  • Provide 4 contactable references for work recently completed
  • Successfully pass the interview stage of approval
  • Sign a declaration agreeing to our Code of Conduct
  • Sign a declaration and provide details for Public Liability Insurance
  • Provide confirmation of business address details
  • Pass an initial Criminal Record Check
  • Agree to Credit/Public Record and Director Checks
How can SafeTrade. help me?

SafeTrade aims to provide you with an easy means of finding a reliable and high quality contractor locally. We have a call centre and website which you can use to get direct access to our registered contractors details. Our customer service team is on-hand should you have any specific requirements or need assistance in finding someone, and if we don’t have anyone registered in your area we have the experience to provide you with advice on how to find someone you can trust to do a good job.

How much does SafeTrade. cost?

SafeTrade. Provides a service that is completely free of charge and is aimed to provide assistance to various groups and members of the public, we currently provide assistance to:

Local Authorities
Local/National Charities
Housing Associations
Property Developers
Property Management Agencies
Personal Trainers